Bangla Preparation for BUET Exam

Bengali Preparation for BUET Pattern Job Examination

There are total 100 Bengali sample questions will help the people who is a candidate of job examination taken by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) for any department likes Civil, Mechanical, Electrical or others.

Important topics:
  1. প্রয়োগ, অপপ্রয়োগ
  2. বানান ও বাক্যশুদ্ধি
  3. পরিভাষা
  4. সমার্থক ও বিপরীতার্থক শব্দ
  5. ধ্বনি
  6. বর্ণ
  7. শব্দ
  8. পদ
  9. বাক্য
  10. প্রত্যয়
  11. সন্ধি
  12. সমাস
The Syllabus of Bangla for BUET pattern job examination are as similar as Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examination. So, try to solve the previous Bangla questions of BCS and PSC  examination.

Download this as PDF (1.33 MB)

Courtesy: Arafat vai

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