Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC)

Name of Post: Assistant Engineer
Total Number of Post: 21 Nos.
Exam Taken By: IBA
Question Pattern: MCQ
80 Questions, 80 Marks

[01-51]: Bangla + English + Mathematics + GK + ICT

[52-80]: Civil + Mechanical + Electrical Engineering.

52. A gas which obeys kinetic theory perfectly is known as

[A]. Monoatomic gas                   [B]. Diatomic gas

[C]. Real gas                                [D]. Pure gas

[E].  Perfect gas

Answer: Option E

53. The centre of gravity of a right circular solid cone is at a distance of __________ from its base,

measured along the vertical axis.(where h = Height of a right circular solid cone.)

A. h/2                                 B. h/3

C. h/4                                 D. h/6

Answer: Option C

54. The centre of gravity a T-section 100 mm x 150 mm x 50 mm from its bottom is

A. 50mm                      B. 75mm

C. 87.5mm                   D. 125mm

Answer: Option C

55. If the resultant of two equal forces has the same magnitude as either of the forces, then the angle

between the two forces is

[A]. 30°                              [B]. 60°

[C]. 90°                              [D]. 120°

Answer: Option D

56. Reynold's number is the ratio of inertia force to

A. pressure force                       B. elastic force

C. gravity force                         D. viscous force

Answer: Option D

57. the unit of angular acceleration is

- rad/s2

58. If the length of the cable is doubled, its capacitance C will become

[A]. Doubled                          [B]. Half

[C]. One-fourth                       [D]. One-fourth

Answer. A. Doubled

59. What quantity of charge must be delivered by a battery with a Potential Difference of 110 V to

do 660J of Work?

A. 0.6 C                         B. 6 C

C.60 C                           D.  600 C

Answer: B. 6C

Explanation: Q = W / V = 660J / 110V = 6C

60. In case of Short Circuit ______Current will flow in the Circuit.

A. Zero                                B.  Very Low

C. Normal                           D.  Infinite

Answer: D. Infinite


At the short circuited point, the voltage difference is very low (about Zero) So then put the value in

I = P/V, so if we put V = 0, Then Current will be infinite.

61. A simply supported beam of span L carries a concentrated load W at its mid-span. The maximum

bending moment M is

- WL/4

62. The unit of moment of inertia of an area is

- mm4

63. which of the following is a vector quantity

A. Linear displacement                          B. Linear velocity

C. Linear acceleration                            D. All of these

Answer: Option D

64. The method of measuring distance by pacing is chiefly used in

[A]. reconnaissance surveys                 [B]. preliminary surveys

[C]. location surveys                            [D]. all of these

Answer: Option A

65. The height of a water column equivalent to a pressure of 0.15 MPa is

[A]. 15.3 m                            [B]. 25.3 m

[C]. 35.3 m                            [D]. 45.3 m

Answer: Option A


p = H*W.

p = 0.15 * 10^6 pa,

w = specific weight of water = 9810 N/m3.

i.e., H = (0.15 * 10^6)/(9810) = 15.3 m.

66. A line joining the apex of a triangle to some fixed point on the opposite side is called a

A. check line                             B. tie line

C. base line                               D. none of these

Answer: Option A

67. To prevent segregation, the maximum height for placing concrete, is

A. 100 cm                         B. 125 cm

C. 150 cm                         D. 200 cm

E. 250 cm

Answer: Option A

68. When the concrete mix is too wet, it causes

[A]. segregation                                       [B]. low density

[C]. excess laitance at the top                  [D]. all of these

Answer: Option D

69. An angle between the inclined line of sight and the horizontal is called

[A]. direct angle                                  [B]. vertical angle

[C]. horizontal angle                           [D]. deflection angle

Answer: Option B

70. The horizontal angle between the true meridian and a survey line is called

[A]. magnetic bearing                           [B]. azimuth

[C]. dip                                                 [D]. magnetic declination

Answer: Option B

71. line joining some fixed points on the main survey lines, is called a

[A]. check line                       [B]. tie line

[C]. base line                         [D]. none of these

Answer: Option B

72. A line normal to the plumb line at all points is known as

[A]. horizontal line               [B]. vertical line

[C]. level line                       [D]. line of collimation

Answer: Option C

73. A fixed point of reference of known elevation is called

[A]. change point                        [B]. station point

[C]. bench mark                         [D]. datum

Answer: Option C

74. For a longitudinal reinforcing bar in a column, concrete cover not less than ---- not less than the

diameter of such bar should be provided.

- 40 mm

75. Bernoulli's equation is adopted to

[A]. Venturi meter                           [B]. Orifice meter

[C]. Pitot tube                                  [D]. All of these

[E]. None

Answer: Option D

76. The cycle generally used for gas turbines is

[A]. Otto cycle                             [B]. Dual cycle

[C]. Carnot cycle                          [D]. Rankine cycle

[E]. Brayton cycle

Answer: Option E

77. If you double the absolute temperature of an object, it will radiate heat --- faster.

- 16 times

The law is I = k T⁴, where I is intensity, k is a constant and T is the absolute temperature.

78. If all the variables of a stream are independent of time it is said to be in –

a) constant flow                          b) closed flow

c) steady flow                             d) unsteady flow

Answer: c) steady flow

79. An isentropic process is always

[A]. Irreversible and adiabatic                       [B]. Reversible and isothermal

[C]. Frictionless and irreversible                   [D]. Reversible and adiabatic

[E]. None of the above

Answer: Option D

80. The processes or systems that do not involve heat are called

[A]. Isothermal processes                 [B]. Equilibrium processes

[C]. Thermal processes                     [D]. Steady processes

[E]. Adiabatic processes

Answer: Option E


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