Civil Engineering Viva (PGCB)


Viva Questions of PGCB, 2014


1. Testing of cement.

2. Final setting time of cement.

3. What is bitumen?
4. Difference between flexible and rigid pavement.

5. Give example of Flexible and rigid pavement road.

6. There is only one place where bitumen is produced in BD. Where?

7. Softening point test of bitumen.

8. About thesis. Title and findings.

9. What type of works are done in a power plant?

10. What is lattice tower?

11. Design software of tower.

12. Foundations in tower.

13. Different test of piles.

14. Pile load test and sounding test details.

15. What is the task of PGCB?

16. Who are the producers and distributors in power sector?

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